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Welcome to MyCenter

An Interactive Web Resource for WSMA Members!


Plug in and connect with the all-new "MyCenter" web resource for WSMA member schools! MyCenter is your 24/7 portal for people, places and things related to your music association:

  • User Profiles - View membership data and create preferences for how you'd like to tap into the network, whether looking at WSMA school account info or making connections with other educators throughout the state. Note: By updating your own profile, you automatically keep the WSMA databases current, so you never miss a beat!
  • Messaging and Express Module - Announcements, news feeds, photo galleries and quick polls within the membership network.
Get Started Now
Getting started with MyCenter is just a click and a few easy steps away. After reading the instructions/notes below, simply click the "Enter MyCenter" link below and you will be on your way to making some amazing connections:
  1. Login using your customized preset user name and password.  You should have received an email with this information, but if you didn't receive it for whatever reason, click here to request it be resent by email (please allow up to one business day, but rest assured, we will do everything possible to send it your way sooner). Note - you will be able to change your user name and password once you have logged in for the first time. Also, MyCenter login replaces WSMA's previous Festival Manager Login and Member Schools Login. While these pages remain the same, the web site entry point is now exclusively through MyCenter.
  2. Personalize your profile. We've randomly assigned a musical icon as a placeholder for your picture, but by clicking "Edit My Profile" you can easily upload a photo of yourself.  You can also add more profile details, such as education information and employment history. Also, be sure to review your preloaded information (i.e. account, contact and WSMA information). Update as needed and it will automatically sync to the WSMA databases! Also customize your notifications and privacy settings under "Edit My Profile." Please note - we respect your privacy... by default, viewers will only see your name, city and title, regardless of what you see in your profile when logged in. Feel free to change these settings as desired.
  3. Make connections! Begin by selecting "Find A Connection" and you will be able to keyword search all current WSMA member school contacts and request a connection. Once a requested connection is approved by that individual you will be able to see all information and resources available. Share insightful teaching tips, photo galleries and more through MyCenter! Plus, keep your finger on the pulse of important WSMA news and announcements and cut through the clutter of your school email by regularly visiting "My Inbox" for messages specifically for you. (Note - email notifications alerting you of inbox messages can still be sent according to your MyCenter preferences.) Wire yourself in to the MyCenter network now...
Enter MyCenter!